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LEAP Coaching

Located in Beautiful British Columbia

Ask Yourself

  • Do you have a pretty good life, but feel there is something you are missing?
  • Is your "me" time always the first thing to slide off your full plate? Or do you schedule it at 530 in the morning before the family wakes up!!?
  • Have you been to self help workshops and come back all energized just to have your life return to the same routine?
  • Are you interested in learning some concrete strategies to move toward the life you really want?

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Psychometrics MBTI Certified

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Services Available:

Services Available:
Work with Hilary in the following ways:
  1. One to One coaching
    • Available by phone or in person
    • Rates vary depending on requirements
    • A typical rate would be $400.00 a month (plus HST) and would include:
      • Three forty-five minute coaching sessions
      • Unlimited short phone calls
      • Unlimited emails
  2. Group or team coaching
    • Available by phone or in person
    • Rates vary depending on requirements
  3. Seminars or workshops
    A variety of topics are available including:
    • Life Balance
    • Change in Mind
    • Are You Ready for Private Practice?
    • Setting and Achieving Life Goals
    • Change In Mind Workshop
    • Wine, Women, and Song Workshop
    • Myers Briggs Workshops
    • Get Serious and Lighten up-care for the caregiver
  4. Entrepreneurial Coaching
    • Focus of developing your business with one to one coaching
    • Join Hilary’s Entrepreneurial coaching calls

     5.   Possibility Management Systems- check out the website to learn more about this new email based coaching system.  A way to make a coaching approach affordable.

Episode One: BakkerDrummond20080125.mp3 Listen to the first call of the PMS participants. We talk about the temperature of our lives and how we can manage it.  Listen to real women share their stories and strategies.

Episode Two: BakkerDrummond20080129.mp3 This is the second call where we discuss the wheel of life tool and how we can be aware of the different segments in our lives.

Episode Three: BakkerDrummond20080219.mp3 This call involves women in a discussion of values and how identifying what the most improatnt values are have assited with making life decisions and planning goals.

Keynote Addresses

  • Shut the Duck up!!- What voice is quacking in your head? Join Hilary and Anita Bakker in order to tell yourself the truth of your current reality, live in possibility and identify limiting barriers.  Complete with original songs to entertain, engage and depen awareness and understanding.