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LEAP Coaching

Located in Beautiful British Columbia

Breakthrough Cafe

How much is an idea worth?
They say ideas are a dime a dozen. Well, average ideas maybe. But what about inspired ideas? You know, like post-it notes, or Velcro?

Where do you come up with your best ideas?
Most of us know that our best ideas do not occur in the office or the board room.  They occur when we are socializing, driving, walking or are engaged in activities outside of work.

Tap into the collective brainpower of 30+ innovators, leaders & achievers
The premise of the evening is a simple one:  Everything begins with an idea – but even the most inspired idea needs the right kind of support to really get off the ground.

The Breakthrough Café  is not a workshop, not a seminar.  What it IS – is a results oriented creative night out designed to take you to an inspiringly creative place inside yourself – the place where the best of your brilliance is waiting to be tapped.

You can’t afford to miss this event!
In this time of recession and cut backs your ideas are your future potential!  You can’t afford to not take the time to develop your creativity, discover your best idea and follow it up with inspired action. One good idea could make all the difference to your business this year.

It will be the most fun you ever had expanding your business possibilities.
The Breakthrough Cafe is an entirely new kind of gathering: part party, part idea greenhouse, part innovative shmoozefest. It all happens with a fun group of other creative people while enjoying the finest foods and libations (at the renowned Walnut Beach Resort in Osoyoos) – all for a very affordable $45 per person.

How does it work?
Just like a regular restaurant. In fact, the whole thing takes place in a restaurant – at the fabulous Walnut Beach Resort.  The only difference?  All the regular “restaurant interactions” you would expect to happen throughout the evening are subtly designed to spark insights, ahas, and the kind of cerebral collaboration you need to turn top-of-the-line ideas into bottom line realities.

Do not attend if you are afraid to laugh and learn at the same time!
Call a friend or colleague and invite them along. Bring your staff members so that you can get them to assist you with the ideas you want to develop.  Come for a fun, productive evening that guarantees to move you further along in the development of your idea.

We are not responsible if you walk away with too many ideas….

It is possible to not only create, but strategically generate and manifest great ideas! All it takes is the right creative spark. A simple nudge, a conversation, a group game, a new association or a shifting of perspective may be all you need o take the quantum leap. We promise it will be fun. All you need to bring is a question that fascinates you and the willingness to do something different.

First time in Canada, and the only time it will be offered at this price!
The Breakthrough Café was developed by Idea Champions in New York and offered to organizations like AT&T and Kraft Foods. Created for those who want to develop and expand their businesses, the Breakthrough Café is being offered in Canada for the first time in the South Okanagan. In conjunction with the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce, coaches Hilary Drummond and Beth Garrish are making this exclusive special offer available to you for this one time only.