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LEAP Coaching

Located in Beautiful British Columbia

Ask Yourself

  • Do you have a pretty good life, but feel there is something you are missing?
  • Is your "me" time always the first thing to slide off your full plate? Or do you schedule it at 530 in the morning before the family wakes up!!?
  • Have you been to self help workshops and come back all energized just to have your life return to the same routine?
  • Are you interested in learning some concrete strategies to move toward the life you really want?

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How relaxed does a tight rope walker look when she is walking that thin line?

Face it -- Life Balance is not easy and no one knows that better than women struggling to maintain a family, home and career.  Hilary understands the demands of trying to manage all the balls in the air at one time, she has been dancing and juggling for thirty years!!

Hilary also knows first hand the challenges entrepreneurs face as she has developed and managed her business since 1986. Business development and personal life balance are two areas in which coaching can make a huge difference to the life of women or entrepreneurs.

What are your challenges in balancing your personal and business life?

Where are you noticing that the juggling is just not working anymore?

Coaching can make the difference between just getting by and having the life you really want!
As a song writer I am often inspired by the events in my life.  The oldest part of the brain is called the medulla.  It is the part that protects us when our lives are in danger.  Often now we no longer need it.  We call that part of the brain Medulla the duck as if often quacks messages to us that we no longer need.  The duck is that little voice in your head that tells you when you have made a mistake, not always very kindly.  Sometimes knowing what the voice is and listening to what is says to you can wear you down.  I have written a song that makes fun of the duck and hopefully shuts him up??  I hope you enjoy it.

Go to and we will send you the first twelve modules of the Possibility Management System (PMS). Over the next three months you will receive one module a week  that will assist you in starting to identify the places in your life where you would like to move forward into your own possibility. Or fill out the form below.
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Hilary Drummond
LEC, Inc.

Heres what my clients are saying:

I now feel much clearer as to what I’m doing with myself and I feel much more grounded.  I have also come to really internalize that my life is not about the destination, but the journey.  A great deal of this realization is due to our coaching sessions and you guiding me through a new thought process where I can step back, assess, analyze, decide and from there take action.”   Larisa Makuch

Iam committed to your success. As a woman in my twenties and thirties I was searching for ways to make the most of who I was. I did many courses, read lots of books and came away frustrated with the lack of concrete strategies I could apply to my life. Then I discovered coaching!

Coaching is a respectful partnership in which you set the goals that are important to you and then strategically make the changes to help you create the life you really want.

Imagine visioning the life of your dreams and breaking down the vision into manageable steps. You decide how you are going to be accountable in getting the work done. We work together toward your vision, focused only on your success using strategies, exercises and ideas that you can immediately apply to your life. This process is facilitated by a qualified accredited coach. ME!! We work together to allow you to move toward having the life of your dreams, the life you really deserve.

  • Are you frustrated in your work?
  • Do you want to develop more genuine relationships?
  • Do you have an uneasy feeling that there is more, but you don't know how to get there?

Fill out your contact information above for more information.